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Below is a list of organizations that need your help on some level.  Please give them a
call directly and don't forget to tell them you seen it on HRH's Weekly Newsletter.  Thanks.

The Mayor's First-Day-Out Mentoring Program needs Volunteers - For dates, times and locations, Download Flyer
Reception Diagnostic Center (RDC) - We are in need of clothing for adult males for releases.  Pants, shirts, undergarments, shoes and coats (of all sizes for men) is needed.  We are also in need of gently used books for our offenders (paperback and hardback, both fiction and nonfiction). Because we don’t have programs at our facility, reading is often the only productive way our offenders have to spend their time. | If anyone is interested in donating either, they can contact: Lisa Powers, Executive Assistant/Public Information Officer, Reception Diagnostic Center at 317-839-7727, ext 3005, 317-839-1247, fax or email me at
Nursery at Plainfield Reentry Educational Facility (PREF) - The ladies at PREF wish to thank all of you for your support in supplying their new Children's Visitation Center with the items we posted in our "Needs" section a few months ago.  They are still in need of a Refrigerator and Kids musical instruments.  If you can help, please contact: Nancy Hanson, 839-7751 ext. 4487 or Timike Jones, 839-7751 ext. 4256 .  Thank you.
NEW CASTLE CORRECTIONAL FACILITY - is in need of music equipment, complete sound system, vocal mike's, mike stands, mike cables, stage monitors, main speakers, drums or keyboard. Will accept new or used in good working condition. We need this equipment for chapel services, chapel choir and musical events. Any and all donations will be truly appreciated. Contact Rodney Allen, Chaplin/music director at 765-969-5331, or Email him at:
CRAINE HOUSE'S PANTRY IS GETTING PRETTY LOW - and they like to keep a well rounded food pantry for emergencies, and new residents. As the holidays draw near we especially want to make sure all of the families we serve have plenty of food! Ideal items are of course those things that are non-perishable such as canned fruit, vegetables, and soups. What is also wonderful to have on hand are full meals, especially those that only require water. Some examples are box dinners, noodles and sauce, pancake mix (that only needs water) and syrup, oatmeal, etc… |  Please contact Lori Murray, Administrative Assistant, John P. Craine House, Inc. | 317-925-2833 voice - 317-925-2834 Fax | Thanks again and have a great holiday!
HORIZON HOUSE NEEDS YOUR HELP - They are running low on items they pass out to their homeless neighbors -
They Provide Resources, Empower Lives, that can lead to Ending Homelessness.  They are a welcoming place where homeless neighbors find the resources and support they need to end their homelessness. They are a one-stop day center that offers hospitality, bathrooms, showers, basic hygiene and survival supplies, laundry, mail delivery, telephone, employment readiness classes, storage, professional case management, civil legal counsel, mental health services, medical care and Veteran’s services.  | They are located at: 1033 E Washington St. Indianapolis, IN 46202 | 317-423-8909 | 317-423-8906 fax | Click here for the HORIZON WISH LIST |  Visit them at: www.horizonhouse.cc
Indiana Women's Prison - could use a newer larger screen television for the PLUS unit.  The PLUS Program is held in the chapel and they use DVD's for training classes and their existing TV is much too small.  The chapel is also looking for screen dividers and a projector for PowerPoint.  They also need new choir robes. | If you can help IWP with any of these items please contact Catherine Bowie at 317- 317-639-2671 #256, or email her at .
Plainfield Correctional Facility (PCF or IYC) -
1)  Arts and Craft Leader/Teacher Needed - to help our PLUS program with Community Service Projects.  2)  Volunteers &  Mentors - to help our PLUS Program participants. | Please contact Tracey Ridge, Program Director | , or call 317-839-2513 # 1371 or # 1501.
BLESSING BEING ANSWERED, but can still use the help!

Meet Me Under The Bridge, Inc.
On Sunday afternoons a group of volunteers team up to feed the homeless at Willard Park in the downtown area. They start feeding at 3:00 pm.  All the food is hot and homemade by their group.  After they are done there they move to Washington and Rural to the parking lot at the library. They don't ask for ID and they don't turn anyone away. They are currently feeding between 150 & 200 people every Sunday.  If you are interested in helping out, and you want more information please don't hesitate to contact Kim at 317-222-8741, or email her at: .
Our Prisons Need Your Help!
- Our prisons in Indianapolis, Plainfield, and Pendleton are in need of persons that can serve "inside" the prison system as Teachers, Tutors, Mentors and Instructors.  If you would like to be a volunteer (Helper), please give Don Hawkins a call at 317-547-0500 #11 and he can give you some suggestions on where you can serve, or Click on: Indiana D.O.C. for additional information, or Click on: Indiana D.O.C. Volunteer Form.
The Pendleton Correctional Facility
- has immediate needs for volunteers that can teach musical instruments, and any kind of musical Instruments you may have that are still in good working order that you may want to donate to the prison - they are also looking for all types of arts and crafts supplies for their Arts and Crafts classes.
Cloths Needed (Men & Women's)
- Hands of Hope Ministries, Inc. collects adult clothing for the prisons reentry programs.  If you have any men's or women's adult clothing, especially larger sizes, please give us a call at 317-547-1910 #11 and we will arrange a pickup, or you can drop it by our offices at 7528 Pendleton Pike.  Click on:  Brochure for additional information.
Plainfield ReEntry Educational Facility (PREF)
- is in need of additional teachers, tutors, volunteers and mentors for its reentry programs.  Please contact Karen Butterworth 317-839-7757 #4416 or .
Plainfield Correctional Facility (PCF or IYC) -
1)  Arts and Craft Leader/Teacher Needed - to help our PLUS program with Community Service Projects.  2)  Volunteers &  Mentors - to help our PLUS Program participants. | Please contact Tracey Ridge, Program Director | , or call 317-839-2513 # 1371 or # 1501.
Plainfield ReEntry Educational Facility (PREF)
- is in need of items for it's parenting program new nursery - Click on: Brochure for additional information or Call: Nancy S Hanson or Timike L Jones, Parenting Coordinators at 317-839-7751 # 4487
The Marion County ReEntry Court (REC) -
Candy Needed, based on the problem solving court model that uses incentives and sanctions in order to modify participant behavior. A common incentive which is given to participants who are in compliance with the program is candy.  We are in need of candy bar donations for the ReEntry Court.  To donate candies contact xxxx at 317-327-4917.  To find out more information about our court please go to
Superior Court ReEntry Programs
Plainfield ReEntry Educational Facility (PREF)
- is looking for hygiene items, men's cloths - Shirt, pants, shoes, etc. - Especially the larger sizes XL and 2XL.  Click here for a PDF flyer for Clothing
Plainfield Reception Diagnostic Center (RDC)
- Lisa Powers, RDC's Public Information Officer is currently in need of men’s clothing (for offender releases). All sizes of pants, jeans, shirts, sweatshirts, coats, jackets, undergarments and shoes are all needed.  She can be reached at: 317-839-7727 # 3005.
BLESSING ANSWERED (22Dec08) - Tammy said that she has received more than enough items to fill their needs.  Thanks
THE INDIANA WOMEN'S PRISON - Help Us to Help Others -

I.W.P. Community Outreach Department & Sheltered Workshop have joined efforts to give underprivileged children a wonderful Christmas stocking this year. IWP is committed to providing stockings to the following organizations: Indianapolis School 14: 700 Stockings, Indianapolis School 42: 40 Stockings, Indianapolis Julian Center: 40 Stockings, Deployed Military’s Family (Family  Assistance Specialists): 400 Stockings, I.W.P. Family Preservation: 100 Stockings, Indianapolis Homeless Initiative: 220 Stockings - IWP has already made 1500 Christmas Stockings and is filling each with a handcrafted stuffed animal, hat, scarf, friendship bracelets & finger puppets. To complete the stockings, we need Your help! Without your help, the stockings will not be filled. | Click here to view IWP's WISH LIST |  Call Tammy Atwood, Indiana Women’s Prison, 401 N. Randolph Street, Indianapolis, IN 46201 | Call 317-639-2671 # 216 | Her email address is:  

BLESSING ANSWERED (26Oct08) - I wanted to let you know that our posting for personal hygiene items for the Reentry Court was full filled by HOPE Church.  I am very grateful.  Maybe the newsletter should have a blessing answered section.  Thanks | Jennifer Fillmore, MS, CADACIV, ICACII, Program Coordinator, Marion County Reentry Court.

The Marion County ReEntry Court (REC) -
In need of personal care items for participants.  Items can include: shampoo, conditioner, laundry soap, soap, shaving crème, razors, etc. REC has raffle drawings for participants in the “good group” once a month and we are giving away “Care Packages”.  Please call 327-4917 if you are interested in giving.

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